About Tracey L. Anderson

Inform. Inquire. Inspire. Those are the results I aim for in the textTracey L. Anderson headshot
I write, the writing I edit and the courses I design.

My love of language has been a guiding principle of my career. I love words and how they work (and play) together, and I’m curious about the world. I love blending those aspects of my nature in the work I do.
I have extensive experience as a writer, editor, and curriculum and instructional designer. I have a Bachelor of Applied Communications in Professional Writing degree with distinction from MacEwan University in Edmonton. I also earned three credentials in Education, including a Master’s degree.

For 15 years, I was an English as a second language teacher in China, Macedonia, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates. Working
around the world taught me how to compose clear, concise content and how to interact and collaborate effectively and sensitively with people from other cultures. These capabilities enhance my work as I’m always conscious of clarity for multiple language levels and of the cultural implications of language choices.

If you’re looking for word-based solutions to meet your business or personal communications or training development needs, please explore this website or connect with me through the form on the Contact page.