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Oh Chri$tma$ Tree!

Sometimes we are not surprised by things that should surprise us. Sometimes we are surprised by things that should not surprise us, which is the position I am at the moment. Roland came into our office the other day saying, “Guess where … Continue reading

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Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland

Edmonton has so many awesome Christmas events to enjoy that it can be a challenge to take part in all of them. A favorite of mine from childhood was Candy Cane Lane. For those of you that are not from … Continue reading

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How hard is it to go hands-free on your cell phone?

Let me start by saying that I am not a technophobe. I can, and do, use email, chat, text messages, the internet, and now even a blog. I am not a technology expert, and I don’t let it run my life, … Continue reading

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How hard is it…? Introduction

Are you like me? Do you see people and things in the world around you that make you think that common courtesy is dead, or at least on its death-bed? Or that common sense has become uncommon? If so, then … Continue reading

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Grey Cup 2010

This year my husband and I were at home in Edmonton for the Grey Cup. Neither of us had ever been to one before, so we decided to go rather than sell our tickets when the Eskimos didn’t make it. … Continue reading

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Oh Christmas party!

Last week, for a few days, there was a tiny lull in my university assignment and project schedule, so Roland and I hosted a Christmas party. It was a bit of that and a house-warming party, since we hadn’t had … Continue reading

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Oh Christmas tree!

Because this is our first Christmas in Edmonton after 10 years away, we (OK, I) decided we should have a real tree this year. On Friday, we went on our search with a list in hand of the most popular trees … Continue reading

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