The December Experiment

I am a student in the Bachelor of Applied Communications in Professional Writing program at MacEwan University in Edmonton. This blog is a class project for my “Mac Skills for Writers” class-and my December experiment.

November’s experiment was going “Faceless” (de-activating my FB account) to see how much or how little I would miss it. Now November is over, and so is my life on Facebook. It turns out it didn’t miss it much after the first few days, so I quit for good.

Now it’s time for a new experiment in December-this blog. I need to do it for class, but I will extend it to the end of the month and see what happens. If I like it, I’ll keep it. If not, then I’ll relegate to the same place in virtual limbo with my FB account.

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2 Responses to The December Experiment

  1. Marla says:

    Very impressive job, Tracey! This is the first blog I have ever read….Your postings are timely and very insightful!

  2. Marilyn Dahl says:

    Haha – I too decided to quit Facebook. As the Blue Men pointed out – these days when people go into Internet cafes, they don’t speak to anyone else who is in there, because they are too busy communicating with people who are not there. Good job on your blog, Tracey, and good luck with your new career!

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