Oh Christmas party!

Last week, for a few days, there was a tiny lull in my university assignment and project schedule, so Roland and I hosted a Christmas party. It was a bit of that and a house-warming party, since we hadn’t had one yet even though we moved in over ten months ago. We spent the whole day preparing for it: cleaning, chopping and cooking. The best part of the preparations for me was sitting on my kitchen floor, garden sheers in hand, cutting fir boughs into smaller pieces to make centerpieces for the house. The day before we’d bought our tree, and I’d suffered minor trauma seeing so many boughs cut from the bottom to make room for it in the tree stand. I decided that there must me a way to use them rather than toss them. Somewhere in the night, I came up with the centerpiece idea. As I sat on that floor, cutting those boughs and creating something with them, it struck me how very different this Christmas is from the last one. It’s a lifetime ago instead of just a year.

The party that evening, and into the wee hours of the morning, was delightful. We enjoyed visiting with our friends and sharing our home with them. We enjoying their laughter and their stories, and were so grateful for the opportunity to spend some time at Christmas with people who have been absent from our holidays for so long. What a great evening!

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9 Responses to Oh Christmas party!

  1. Marsha says:

    Yes, thanks for the party invite. It was great to spend some time with you and Roland.

  2. Azade Johnson says:

    Why wasn’t I invited? I would have come, you know!!!:)))

  3. Heather says:

    Ah, soft needles. We’ll consider that next time! I’m not sure what ours is (some kind of spruce, I think) as it’s the one we took down from our own backyard; using it for our Christmas tree seemed a perfect way of making something good from a necessary evil. It’s very sharp and spiky though and we are sad whenever we have to reach in to water it!

    • What a great way to solve the problem of an unwanted tree in your yard. Maybe we should let our little one grow a few more years and then do the same, instead of cutting it out soon. We hope you enjoy your tree as much as we are enjoying ours. Happy Holidays! (PS, try rubber gloves or oven mitts when you water.)

  4. Wendy says:

    I am very sorry to have had to miss your party. It would have been lovely to see you again, this time in your snowy “North Pole” setting! It is very different for me to actually get Christmas Day off work and to not have it treated as an ordinary day.

    I also watched the Grey Cup game but in a much smaller crowd and in front of a big screen TV. You are right that the tempo dragged. The final score also brought a funeral-style pall over our atmosphere! “Grey Cup Heaven for 2011” has to be on the Rider’s Christmas Wish List.

    • I am also very excited to have Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day off for a change. It will feel weird and wonderful to have so much time to enjoy the holiday this year. For my own curiousity, I worked out how many Christmases we worked while we were away, and it turns out that from 2000 – 2009, we worked 7/10. Poor Roland worked 8. I had Christmas off the first year we were in Abu Dhabi, because I worked at the American Community School. We lost one in a leap year, and we got stuck for another when the weekend changed and Thursdays were no longer a day off. I am anticipating the days off this year like a kid anticipating Santa’s visit. I hope you enjoy yours too. If you are in the big city during your two weeks off, let us know. We’d love to catch up.

  5. Laurie says:

    Thanks for inviting me to your Christmas party Tracey! It was a lot of fun. Your tree DOES look and smell spectacular. I can’t believe you actually researched the topic though 🙂

    PS I recognize Roland in the grey Cup picture, but that could be ANYONE sitting next to him in the parka 🙂

    • I was glad you could make it. I must say, though, that you shouldn’t be surprised that I researched the kind of tree I wanted. Planning is the only way I roll. And you’re right, the parka does make it hard to tell it’s me, but on the other hand, any part of me you couldn’t see meant the cold air had a harder time touching it too!

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