Enough already!

Why is it that whenever you start to think things can’t get any worse, they do?! Yesterday, I was ranting about winter and road, parking lot and sidewalk conditions in Edmonton. I wrote the rant because I was feeling as though I could take no more of winter and its aftermath. Just as I was feeling relieved by my ranting and thinking things had already become the worst they would, there was suddenly more to rant about. So here it is…

I’d barely finished publishing yesterday’s whining, when suddenly a water main broke at the end of my street and sent a cascade of water roaring through like a landlocked tidal wave. The front street was flooded; the water ran up the side alley then flowed into the back alley. Then, of course, since it was 25 below (not including the ever-present wind chill factor), the inevitable freezing began . By nightfall, our already slippery front sidewalk and back alley were skating rinks about 8 cm deep. The only water around was in the street though, as the water to the houses was shut off by the city to mend the break. I guess all things considered, we were lucky; the water was a nuisance, but did no damage at our house. The woman two doors north, though, was not so fortunate. Her garage was under 8 cm of water.

To the city’s credit (yes, I am about to saying something nice), water to the house was running again in time for dinner (the break occurred around 4 p.m.), and they sent graders into our street and alley early today. I was thankful for that because the idea of driving out on that skating rink was quite unnerving.

Alas, the water main break is not the end of my story of ongoing winter trauma. I called my husband at lunch time today to see what our evening plans were going to be. When I called, he told me, “My day started with a real bang. How attached are you to your car?”

Although my car is old, I am attached to it. It’s the first car I ever bought new and with my first professional teaching salary. It’s in awesome shape since I only drove it 8 weeks out of the year for most of the last twelve years. As a result of that attachment, I was quite upset to hear that my husband had been sitting at red light on the way to a conference this morning when he was rear ended in it by another vehicle driven by someone driving too quickly for the slippery road conditions and unable to stop in time when he encountered the red light. Now my baby has a mangled back bumper which needs replacing. Thankfully, Roland was unhurt, so I am grateful for that. I remain, however, intensely frustrated with winter’s nonsense. All I can say at the moment is, “Enough already!

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1 Response to Enough already!

  1. Marsha says:

    I agree with your rants!!! I’ve been here all along and know for a fact that we are a winter city. The only winter that I can remember that there was very little snow was the year my dad died, 1983. Snow is one reason I have chosen to live in a condo. I don’t want to have to shovel it!!

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