My last blog post was a call to Canadians to vote in the May 2 election. Clearly I did not think that all Canada’s eligible voters would hear and heed my call. I hoped, however, that they would hear and heed someone’s call: a TV, radio, newspaper or magazine reporter, a blogger, a friend, a neighbour or even the whisper of their own conscience. I hoped more Canadians than last time would do their duties and improve voter turnout this time.  On one hand, it did happen, since 61.4 % of eligible voters voted in 2011 compared to 59.1% in 2008. However, this was not the surge I was hoping for, rather it was a sputter.

This blog post is for the 38.6% who did not vote. I’d love to know (and I’m not being sarcastic, I truly would love to know) why you didn’t vote. It’s clear that the Canadian political system needs to “do something” to get eligible voters more actively engaged in the process. I believe the only way to know what “something” to do is to find out why those disengaged voters are disengaged.  So, I throw this open to you…

If you didn’t vote on May 2 but were eligible to do so, please post a comment about why. Help the system understand why you didn’t vote, so in the future maybe there will be a way to get you to do so.

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