An Angry Albertan’s Criticism of

Below is a copy of a feedback email I sent to this evening. I rarely do such things, but I was so angry that I felt compelled to say what was on my mind. If you agree, please comment here and/or email to add your voice to mine. If they send me a reply (which frankly I don’t expect), I will post it here.

I have been a daily reader for many years and have generally found your news coverage broad and informative. Sadly, my opinion about that changed today. I checked your “International” editions and went to your “Americas” page in search of news about a major disaster near where I live in Canada. It was with great disappointment that I noted that not only was the tragic story about a town, Slave Lake, Alberta, that has been 40% burned to the ground due to raging wildfires, not present, but there was not a single story about Canada on the entire first page of links.

Given our close proximity to America, not only geographically, but also culturally, socially and politically, I find this lack of coverage sad and hurtful. It is all the more so because our news organizations give such detailed coverage to American disasters and tragedies.

Shame on you, Canadian lives torn apart by tragedy are just as important and deserving of coverage as American ones!

Tracey L. Anderson
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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