End of Summer: Sighs and Signs


It’s coming.

The end of summer.

I’ve been able to see subtle signs of it for some time now. The sun sets a little earlier and rises a little later. The chill of evening is deeper and comes upon us faster. The warmth of the day takes longer to make itself felt and slips away sooner. The flowers are withering and turning brown. The edges of the grass are fading from green to yellow. The leaves are slowly changing as well; some trees are fully in yellow already, and smaller trees, like the one in my back yard where the birds like to sing, are starting to lose their leaves. Soon I’ll be able to see my breath, always the first sign to me of the full turn of the seasons.

Don’t get me wrong; I like autumn, at least pretty autumn, in September and October. But even so, I, like many Edmontonians, mourn the annual slipping of summer into slumber, especially this year when summer took so long getting here after a devastatingly cold, blizzard-bombarded winter. After a first half pummeled by rain and wind,  it’s too soon for summer to end her stay. Sadly, there is nothing we can do to elongate it, except hope for a short reprieve in the form of Indian summer. Even if we are lucky to receive such a reprieve, sooner or later, summer will slip away altogether to be replaced by colder air and darker days.


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