Let it rain! Let it rain! Let it rain!

So here we are, three days before Christmas in Edmonton and all is merry and bright—or is it? To hear some people talk—or vent in the Edmonton Journal—it just isn’t Christmas without snow. These people moan that there’s no snow, that nobody wants a brown Christmas, that it just doesn’t feel like it’s the holidays without the white stuff. To them, I say this:

I want a brown Christmas. I can enjoy the holidays just fine without the white stuff; it will be here soon enough, and once it’s here, we won’t get rid of it for months. Enjoy the last days of lovely weather we are likely to see for a long time. Spend some time outside when you don’t have to wear five layers and cover every inch of exposed skin to prevent frostbite. Take a stroll around your neighbourhood and admire the Christmas displays. Walk your dog or your kids to a nearby playground. Take a swing on  a swing. Instead of lamenting the lack of snow, be thankful for all the other things you have that can make the holiday special: your friends, your family, the time you will spend together, the fabulous meal you will enjoy. Plenty of people don’t have any of those things; the least of their worries is whether or not it’s a white Christmas. Christmas is not about what’s on the ground; it’s about what’s in your heart.

It’s no secret that to me “snow” is a four-letter word. On this unusually warm late December day, I will use a different four-letter word, “Let it rain! Let it rain! Let it rain!”

Merry Christmas!

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