Sunday #1: January 1, 2012 – Wishes Not Resolutions

I admit it; I’m no good at New Year’s resolutions. When the end of a year comes, I become a bit melancholy and a lot reflective. I ponder all the things I am grateful for and all the things I regret. I contemplate the best things that happened and the worst things that happened. I start out hopeful about the new year and resolve to make changes that will encourage more things to be grateful for and that will prevent more things to regret.  

Truly, I start out with the best intentions—and then life and responsibilities get in the way and stop me from doing much about my resolutions after the first few weeks. Later in the year, certainly by the end, my unfulfilled resolutions have often become my regrets, and I scold myself for my lack of follow-through.  

This coming year, 2012, I have a different plan. I am not making resolutions; I am making wishes. By doing it this way, I hope that if my wishes don’t come true, I will be less hard on myself next December 31.  

Here, in random order, are my personal wishes for 2012.  


I wish for a better year health-wise, with fewer, less intense headaches, less body pain, better sleep and improved energy. I wish to improve those areas with more exercise (getting back to yoga and Pilates and getting to aquasize more often) and through finally getting into the pain clinic program and benefitting from what they will offer.   

Weight loss

I wish, through the above methods, to also lose the extra weight I have put on since my health problems began in 2008. I wish to also accomplish my weight loss goals through better eating and, if I try gluten-free eating and turn it into gluten-free living because it brings dramatic improvement in my pain and other symptoms, I hope it will aid the weight loss rather than prevent it.  


Roland and I have not managed an out-of-country getaway in over two years (since the day we returned to Canada in early 2010), so I wish for a spectacular, memorable trip this summer. I also wish to find a travel partner for future times, like this Christmas, when I am off but Roland is not, so that I can get away anyway.  


I wish to have more time to relax this year and to find time to write my own projects and to read for pleasure not just school.  

Freelance writing and publishing

I wish to get some paid freelance writing or editing projects and to get some of my work published in a paid venue (newspaper or magazine).  


I wish for more joy and less sorrow in my life and the lives of those around me.

Here, in random order, are some general wishes for the world around me in 2012. I acknowledge that I have no control over these, but I thought as long as I am wishing…  


I wish for a mild winter with little snow. Following that, I wish for a proper hot, dry summer this year to make up for the lack of one in Edmonton last year (and for this year’s to be mosquito free). I wish for summer to start in May not August. I wish for a spectacular fall and early winter like the one we had this year.  

Edmonton Eskimos

I wish for an awesome mystery quarterback to take the reins of the Edmonton Eskimos to help the team bring us a Grey Cup.  

Capital status

I just read about yet another murder in Edmonton (the third one in a couple days), so I wish for the city to lose its crown as murder capital of Canada and for the police to find a way to drastically slash the growing murder rate so fewer people will be devastated by this terrible crime in the new year.  

Others’ Wishes

I wish that all my friends and family and their friends and family (and so on and so on) have all their wishes come true.  

May 2012 bring you peace, prosperity, health and happiness!

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