Sunday #21: May 20, 2012 – First Weekend of Summer

It’s the Victoria Day weekend in Canada. Summer doesn’t officially start until June 21 (or so depending on the scientific date of the solstice), and some years we have been known to have snow this late in the season. Nonetheless, many Canadians look upon this weekend as the official start of the summer season, a favorite time of year for many. (I would argue it’s a favorite time for most, but I have no scientific proof.)

Although I am not in Canada at the moment, since I’m visiting my brother in San Francisco, I still see this weekend as the start of my summer, my favorite time of year.  To celebrate, I wanted to do something I have never done before. And San Francisco provided me with plenty of things to choose from.

My brother Darren, my husband Roland and I went for brunch to what could best be described as a “breakfast club.” It was a restaurant serving Sunday brunch. Seems pretty basic right? Well, not today. First, the techno-pop music was thumping like we were eating brunch in a nightclub. The unlimited mimosas for $10 a person added to the festive dance club vibe. It was surprisingly enjoyable before lunchtime. It might not have been if I’d had a Sunday morning hangover, mind you. Thank goodness my midnight snack last night was pad Thai not mai tais.

Two other things made this Sunday brunch one to remember. The first is the clientele of the restaurant. Today was the annual “Bay to Breakers run” in San Francisco, which is not  really a run so much as a drunken parade through the city, with “runners” in a variety of costumes. We arrived at the restaurant after the run was complete, and the costumed revelers had dispersed in all directions in the city.  Our restaurant attracted several partiers whose costumes added to the fun. Among other things, we saw a group dressed as M&MS, two girls as “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” from “The Cat in the Hat” and two guys dressed in heavy, flesh-colored body stockings and brightly colored wigs and sunglasses. (We saw dozens of other costumes throughout our SF day, but the list would be too long to add here.)

The other thing I have never done, in SF or anywhere else, is walk down the street and suddenly see a naked guy standing in front of a planter wearing nothing but a  backpack with his marathon number on it… and not a hot, fit hunk, either. No, not so lucky. He was a slumpy, dumpy middle-aged guy with a bald spot, striking a pose like he was a Playgirl model. EEEEWWW!

So, before 2 p.m., I had already done three things I’d never done before…. and those were only the start. My “crew” and I wandered through the interesting Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary Exhibit. We photographed the famous “Painted Ladies” from the edge of Alamo Square. We took panoramic photos of the city from many directions at Twin Peaks (where it felt the opposite of summer, with a strong, icy wind roaring through, whipping my hair in my face and turning my fingertips to icicles).

All in all, I easily fulfilled my goal to see and do new things today. Thank you, San Francisco for a day to remember.

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