Sisterly Pride

Just wanted to post this review from Bay Area Dance Watch written about the ballet my brother, Darren Anderson, recently choreographed for Smuin Ballet in San Francisco. I am very proud of his accomplishments and want to share them. The embedded video of the dance, called Shiver, is awesome.

Helen of Troy vs Smuin Ballet ! | Bay Area Dance Watch

Well done, Darren. Powerful and passionate, sensual and graceful.

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4 Responses to Sisterly Pride

  1. Jim says:

    opppssss I ment Darren Anderson’s sister and not brother who made this wonderful post. Sorry !! Jim Tobin

  2. Jim says:

    “S.F. Choreographer of the Month – June 2012 !!”
    Darren Anderson of the Smuin Ballet
    “All’s fair in love and war…and dance…”
    Young Mr Anderson adores music and dance as does BayAreaDanceWatch. We even had a long discussion about the music of the two movies – Kill Bill 1 & 2. Now that’s two people who really love music 🙂
    Thank you Mr Anderson!! And your brother for his wonderful sharing of your “blessay” (blog essay).
    Jim Tobin

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