Sunday #28: July 8, 2012 – Sealed at Goose Spit

Last week I wrote about the great parts of Canada, among them its beauty and nature. This week, I’ve had some time to enjoy parts of that beauty and nature that I have not seen before. Roland and I are on Vancouver Island this week, visiting friends and taking a few days vacation.

Sometimes people don’t take the opportunity (or  perhaps  have the opportunity) to see the many beautiful places in their own country. I’ve never been to the Island before, but I suspect I will come again. It is stunningly lovely: emerald trees and azure water. Before leaving for this trip, I decided that in addition to the new sights I’d see, I wanted to try new things too. So this trip, I held my fear inside and took a kayak ride in a double kayak with my husband off the coast of Courtenay. The water was shallow and clear and cold. The sky was blue, and the sun was shining. It was a lovely day to take a risk (albeit a small one).

At first, it was hard to get the hang of the paddle on the kayak, which is much different from the one used for a canoe, but after a while it got easier (and therefore smoother, so I didn’t splash myself with chilly water as much when I raised the paddle out of the water). The best part of the kayak trip was when the small, shiny black head of a seal poked out from  under the small waves. He was a curious little guy, watching us as intently with his glassy black eyes as we watched him. Soon he disappeared under the surface.  As we paddled away in the direction we came, our paddle partners, my friend Tammy and her son Matt, told us to turn around.

When we did, I was delighted to see that the seal was so interested in us that he was following in the water behind the kayak. It was funny and fabulous.Thanks to that short few moments, Goose Spit, B.C., will remain in my memory as a lovely new Canadian experience to remember.

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