Sunday #30: July 22, 2012 – Summer Lovin’ in Edmonton

There were many heavy post topics I could have chosen for this week’s blog, and I considered many of them worth writing about. At the end of the day (which this really is since it’s 10 p.m. Edmonton time), I opted to write about something more uplifting: a sunny summer Sunday.

Today in Edmonton was what I consider perfect: a warm, sunny, blue-sky day with a gentle breeze. No wind gusts. No sudden thunderstorms. No swarms of mosquitoes. Just a perfect, lazy Sunday complete with lunch on a patio with an old friend (old as in “I’ve known her a long time” not “she’s old;” she’d kill me if I said that), a long chat with my brother on the phone, raspberry lime daiquiris with dinner (pork roast, homemade potatoes au gratin, and a raspberry spinach salad with homemade maple chili dressing) on my patio, followed by a walk with our dog Bailey at sunset.

Really, I could not have asked for a better day, and I simply want to express my gratitude for it. Thank you, Edmonton. For all your faults in winter (and there are so many), you sure can produce a spectacular summer day!




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