Sunday #33: August 12, 2012 – A Love Lesson: In Praise of Roland

Today is my 12th wedding anniversary. I’ve been lucky enough to have a dozen amazing years of matrimony with Roland. This year, as always, we will take the time to celebrate our anniversary by doing something special. This time, it’s a trip—with our canine child, Bailey—to Jasper National Park to stay in a cabin by the river. It’s one of our favourite places because it’s scenic and serene. Some people may think it’s odd that we still try to do something special every year after all this time (and in fact, I’m not sure whether Roland only does it to humour me), but I want to take time to mark the most important relationship in my life and to give thanks for it.

It astonishes me that in one way so many years have gone by in what feels like a blink, but at the same time, so many things have happened to us and for us. Life in Abu Dhabi and life back here in Edmonton feel so separate from each other that I feel at times as though we’ve lived two completely different lives since we married. They’ve had and have their ups and downs, and I suspect that whatever our next completely new life brings, it will have hills and valleys also. I’m OK with that as long as we’re together.

I’ve been doing some freelance writing and editing this summer, and one of the places I submit to recently sought submissions for a “love lessons” section. I was too busy to write one this week, so I didn’t volunteer, but the call did get me thinking about what makes our relationship successful. After some reflection on why it has succeeded for me, I came to this conclusion:

Ladies, if you want to know the secret to a great marriage, here it is… marry the best man you ever met. I did and that has made all the difference to my life.

Now, Roland isn’t perfect. Like every man—and yes, every woman, too—he has his faults. (I won’t list them here; he already knows what they are… or at least he knows what I say they are!) Despite those faults, he really is the best man I ever met—and handsome as a bonus. He’s talented and smart, sweet and sincere, calm and strong. He laughs easily, helps readily and carries on unwaveringly in the face of everything. Living with me can’t be easy, but he does it with grace and humour. I am thankful every day that I married Roland (and that he agreed to marry me)—even though I had to travel all the way to China to find him. It was worth it!

So, to my wonderful husband…

Happy 12th Anniversary. I sure hope you think you married the best woman you ever met!

Roland & I
July 2012

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1 Response to Sunday #33: August 12, 2012 – A Love Lesson: In Praise of Roland

  1. Fran Knight says:

    Thanks for sharing a great love story!

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