Sunday #43: October 21, 2012 – I Just Don’t Feel Like It

This is not the blog post I intended to write tonight. I just came home from a literary event, and five minutes ago I was planning to sit down and write some words about words. But now I just don’t feel like it. Something happened in the intervening time (not to me, to someone I barely know) and took the writing wind out of my sails.

This past summer I took on some freelance writing for a company here in Edmonton. Later, I began doing some editing work there too. This month the owner has taken some time away for a vacation and left me to connect with clients and writers in her absence. As part of that work, I have been sending out writing assignments, receiving them, editing them and sending the finished versions to clients. In that capacity, I have communicated only online with a number of writers. I hardly know and have never met most of them. For a  few, I’ve only seen a profile picture. Yet somehow, I felt I connected a little with them this week, got to know a tiny bit of something about them.

So when I came into my office and checked my emails (I was expecting a large number of articles tonight), I was not surprised to hear from some authors. Sadly, one of the emails I received was from a writer telling me she couldn’t get her assignment finished because her grandson passed away today. Although I hardly know her, I was filled with sadness when I learned of her sudden unexpected loss, and tears stung my eyes.

Suddenly, I just don’t feel like writing a full blog post tonight. Because, while words are powerful, sometimes they are insufficient and can’t do a situation justice.

So instead of a full post, all I want to do is send out condolences to my writer and to her family.

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