Sunday #53: December 30, 2012 – The End

When I decided to do 52 Sundays as my “bloject” for 2012, I admit I didn’t actually count the Sundays this year. I assumed 52 weeks in a year would equal 52 Sundays. Perhaps because this year is a leap year or because the year started on a Sunday, it turns out there are 53 Sundays in 2012. Although the original 52 Sundays have passed, I have decided to write Sunday #53 so that I can still say I wrote a blog every Sunday for the year.

As the last entry for 2012, I decided to reflect back on the first one to see how I fared this year with my Wishes Not Resolutions. This quote from that first blog shows why I chose wishes:

Truly, I start out with the best intentions—and then life and responsibilities get in the way and stop me from doing much about my resolutions after the first few weeks. Later in the year, certainly by the end, my unfulfilled resolutions have often become my regrets, and I scold myself for my lack of follow-through.

This coming year, 2012, I have a different plan. I am not making resolutions; I am making wishes. By doing it this way, I hope that if my wishes don’t come true, I will be less hard on myself next December 31.

Let’s see if my personal wishes for 2012 came true.

  • Health

No much really changed for my health this year. My weeks in the pain program came to very little at the end, and my gluten-free diet trial seems to have had little effect on anything but my digestion, my taste buds and my appetite. A long-term decision about that will have to be made in 2013, once I get the appointment with the dietician that I am waiting for.

  • Weight

With little change in my exercise ability and not much improvement from the gluten-free living, my weight loss wishes have not come through either. A few pounds have dropped but nothing significant. To some degree that’s maybe my own fault; I have been eating a great deal of junk food to replace my beloved gluten and the satisfaction I used to get from eating it. If I am going to lose more weight, I am going to need to reduce the junk food habit.

  • Travel

Roland and I have still not managed an out-of-country getaway (I feel like I am in withdrawal from that as well). Once again we are not on the same holidays except for the week after Christmas, which is the most expensive week in the whole year. We decided we didn’t want to pay double or more, so we stayed home again.

We did however have a lovely trip to Vancouver Island in the summer to visit friends. Highlights include a lovely canoe ride in Victoria, being followed in our kayak by a seal at Goose Spit near Courtney/Comox, Cathedral Grove’s old growth forest en route to Port Alberni and watching a young bear dig for his breakfast in the inlets around Tofino.

  • Relaxation

The first part of the year offered little in the way of relaxation or time to write my own projects or to read, but the middle and later parts of the year did. I took only one course this fall, in poetry. It gave me the opportunity to read poetry and write poetry for pleasure, which was truly a delight. For 2013, I wish to continue to find time to relax, to write my own projects and to read for pleasure not just school. With undertaking my work placements before graduation, those things could be tricky, but writing this blog every Sunday for a year has taught me how to prioritize my writing, so I hope not to back slide.

  • Freelance work and publishing

This year, I did find some paid freelance writing and editing projects, so that was one mission accomplished—and something I found quite pleasurable. On the other hand, I did not get any of my work published in a paid venue (newspaper or magazine). That remains a wish for 2013. It’s a focus goal for my work placement homework assignments, so I hope that will help me along.

  • Joy 

I wished for more joy and less sorrow in my life and the lives of those around me. Unfortunately, that was one wish that was unfulfilled in a huge way this year when my best friend’s son was killed in February. All I can do is hope for better this year for all of us.

Here’s an update on some of the general wishes I had for the world around me…

  • Weather

I got the mild winter and hot, dry summer I wished for, which was not only a delight but also a huge surprise. The weather in 2012 in Edmonton was quite to my liking for much of the year, certainly more than any other year before (at least that I can recall).

However, the early start to winter with snow on the ground since early November has been hard and unpleasant; it has left me mentally weary and physically drained. My weather wish now is that the winter from January onwards will ease up and be milder, with more sunshine, less snow and fewer grey days. Once again, I wish for an early and mild spring, a hot summer and a beautiful fall, followed by a mild November and December. I know that in Edmonton that’s asking a lot, but then if you don’t ask, you won’t receive.

  • Edmonton Eskimos

My wish for “an awesome mystery quarterback” did not come true to say the least. I can only reiterate the wish for this year and hope that our new General Manager Ed Hervey can find us one. I can’t take another humiliating, frustrating football season!

  • Others’ Wishes

I wish that all my friends and family and their friends and family (and so on and so on) have all their wishes come true in the coming year.

May 2013 bring you peace, prosperity, health and happiness!

P.S. This will be my last weekly Sunday post. In the future, I will continue to write posts when something strikes me as important or interesting enough to write about. I have learned that if I set aside the time, I can dedicate myself more to my writing. I send my thanks to those who read and followed me this year and to those who left “likes” or comments.


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