About the author/blogger

My name is Tracey L. Anderson. I am a technical editor by day and a freelance writer the rest of the time. I write articles for Edmonton area magazines and newspapers and corporate and website content for clients. I’m always interested in new freelance opportunities.

I have a Bachelor of Applied Communications in Professional Writing degree from MacEwan University in Edmonton and a Master of Education degree. After more than 15 years teaching English as a second language in China, Macedonia, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates, I have embarked on a new career journey.

Besides playing with words, I like to read, travel, watch TV and movies, and spend time with my husband Roland and my 19-year-old dog Bailey.

You can find out more about me here.

Twitter: @tracey_anderson 

LinkedIn: ca.linkedin.com/pub/tracey-l-anderson/11/285/886/

website: traceylanderson.weebly.com/

3 Responses to About the author/blogger

  1. Judy Aldous says:

    Tracey – I work with CBC Radio. We are doing a story about couples who choose not to have children on Monday. Would you be willing to talk with me? judy.aldous@cbc.ca 403 701 2722

  2. Jean Boivin says:

    Hi Tracy, thank you for reading Dominic’s story. We’re getting feedback slowly and in all shapes and forms. Wow, back to school after 15 years making big $$$ overseas. That is quite a transition
    This is my 26th year teaching at the junior high level and it does not get easier especially when you have to explain to your students why you”re in the paper!

    P.S. We might be needing another writer to explore another aspect of Dominic’s story.
    Sharon Kirkey is a pro and has received an award of excellence for her pieces on chronic pain.

    • Hello Jean,

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog. I feel so deeply for you and your family for all that you have been through and all that you have lost. I shared Dominic’s story here because I think awareness is one of the keys to getting more research and services for chronic pain patients, though it will be a long, arduous process to get as much of those things as are needed.

      I read Sharon Kirkey’s series on chronic pain when it ran in the Edmonton Journal several months ago. She certainly deserved to win an award as the articles were very well written and informative, and the award also draws more attention to the issues pain patients face. I think more stories about chronic pain in the news and elsewhere can only be a good thing.

      All the best in your teaching year. I admire your ability to teach junior high for 26 years; it’s hard work.

      Take care.

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